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Comments of this work
#17  Post at  2011-09-25 21:40:22
I found number 5 on I just googled futa club 5
#16  Post at  2011-08-17 21:48:52
(One worder) its been a while, I think its on fapdu Ill get it some day

#15  Post at  2011-01-12 18:35:21
(one worder) where?
#14  Post at  2010-09-24 20:41:01
(One Worder)... I know where to view chapter 5...
#13  Post at  2010-09-19 20:52:19
When's the anime version coming out?
Vol.4 of Futa Club,it is Translated(English).Enjoy those futanari school girls fucking each other and geting covered in their own cum...
Tags of this manga:Blowjob  Schoolgirl  Translated  English  Bigdick 
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