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Comments of this work
#9  Post at  2013-06-04 08:00:59
Me again and finished up hentai manga for reals plus i got a hold of this fact that page 16 also had gratuotis english!:)#8 post I messed up a little but that's okay.:(lost it butt found this porn manga an i love these muscular big tit futas...with big dicks so that is all thanks!:)futa superiority!
#8  Post at  2013-05-26 16:49:01
What do mean by #7 post you say well for one i should say moar like this sexy muscle futa comic but as in an anime version of these storys no matter how moe would great as a story brought life!so forget about the whole more gratioutis english okay?ya know what I'm finally gonna see how sexy those big--i mean more like how huge them tittys and big those futa dicks look yum!(looks at pictures about futa sex):)
#7  Post at  2013-05-26 11:41:15
Me again because i have to say I'm unable to spell gratiuotis english correctly but whateves!all you guys need to know is I'm glad there's moar muscle bound futanaris then eva before n loving it!that gratioutis word needs correct spelling tho.:(heh!:)futas truly are superior!yup.
#6  Post at  2013-05-26 11:24:46
Hey #1 post it ain't nothing to wtf freak over cuase i like sexy impossible looking muscular futanari with big tittys n big dicks yummy!ah!#2 post whoa there what's up with the wtf............ few periods after wtf geez its to be expected in hentai manga ya dat futa are muscular cheer leaders an all that jazz!gratuotis english on page 16!sweet o my oh my tgwoa10!?if so there must be moar!!!rebis is the first futa artist you saw?!#3 post you lucky bastard!anime must do this!
#5  Post at  2013-02-24 19:27:56
nice very nice
The Great Work of Alchemy Vol.10,very hot futanari manga.Do not miss this if you like strong muscular futas with huge cocks fucking each other.
Tags of this manga:Bigtits  Cumshot  Extreme  Bigdick 
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