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Comments of this work
#10  Post at  2016-11-04 04:20:37
#9  Post at  2013-01-06 05:56:03
Pfft! Calling someone gay? On a futanari website? WITH YOU HERE, LIKING FUTANARI? Doesn't that make you gay for liking to see cock so much? No. I didn't think so.
#8  Post at  2012-11-26 15:07:41
#5 and 6 leave masochism guy to his dreams and stop acting like kids if he like sadistic Futa with or without balls then he likes it
#7  Post at  2012-11-15 16:09:28
For #6 and #5! Just because #4 likes the idea of a guy being dominated by a futa doesn't mean he's gay. If he liked men he'd be gay, liking a WOMAN with a penis (and a vagina) is different than liking a MAN. Let's not be closed minded and ignorant. Also I agree, I would love to see more futa on male uvu
#6  Post at  2012-11-14 01:00:48
at #4 futa on male? No never thats worse then both male on futa and futa with balls, and thats not easy to do. I came here to see two girls not to see a guy and a girl. also I agree with #5 completely, and my suggestion is to find the nearest heavy blunt object and smash into your face. maybe that will clear up somethings for you.
Futanari doujinshi of the video game Dragon Quest 8th.Very nasty,sexy futanari has been fucked by a lot guys....
Tags of this manga:Bigtits  Cumshot  Extreme  Doujinshi  Game  Bigdick  Group 
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