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Comments of this work
#12  Post at  2014-09-18 23:55:20
You should not be able to comment OR rate a manga here unless you actually READ the damn thing!
#11  Post at  2013-08-29 08:24:05
5, 7, an 8 are stupid they could have read the description and avoided it but they wanted to see a giant cock and got their wish then had to bitch no one said read all of it you dumbasses
#10  Post at  2013-08-13 16:43:48
1771k people made a mistake
#9  Post at  2013-03-01 05:57:14
More futaxmale please! I can't stand the constant barrage of futaxfemale and futaxfuta. 5/5!
#8  Post at  2013-02-28 02:51:49
how the hell, and for that matter why the hell does this have anything thats higgher then a 1? also on that agreeing 5 and 7
Fullcolor futanari manga,nice drawing,uncensored.Two futanari bitches fucked a guy's anal with their huge cocks.All pages are fullcolor.
Tags of this manga:Blowjob  Anal  Slut  Cumshot  Extreme  Bigdick  Group 
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