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Comments of this work
#11  Post at  2013-04-11 04:49:08
Yeah futa on male is hot and this really got me hard even though for some reason real shemales on male do nothing for me. even so stop bitching about it, if you dont like it dont watch it.
#10  Post at  2012-10-03 12:44:24
futa doing guy seem fine to me nothing wrong with it.And I see a lot futa on girl than on male haha if someone being negative on my comment I would to say thank you. No one can make me mad and last this is already happen in real life :p
#9  Post at  2012-10-01 17:46:07
Also, fuck off saying there's to much Futa on male. When compared to Futa on female there's hardly any. So stop bitching.
#8  Post at  2012-10-01 17:44:22
"Yep I agree with 1 futa on male is freaking sick! I came here to look at girls doing it not girls and guys. If I could I would rate this in the negatives, but since I can't I'll give it a 1."


What? Do you know how much of a hypocrite you sound like? So, lesbian sex is all well and good, but god help us if its gay sex.
#7  Post at  2012-09-23 14:45:23
you guys are annoying...if you don't like it don't read it. you're already jacking off to big dicks, what's the difference how the dicks are arranged.
This is sexy manga of futanari hard fucking Cross Dress boys.Two cute cross dressed boys got crazy fuck by slutty futanari,and got a lot cum in their asshole.
Tags of this manga:Anal  Slut  Cumshot  Extreme  Bigdick 
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